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What A Difference A Year Makes

Saturday, August 15, 2009 … The Braemer Bunch which included a mom, a dad, four kids, and a stray kitten loaded up all their possessions into a U-haul, left the only home their children had ever known, and headed south to Florida from the People’s Republic of New York.

The trip down was spent hearing from our oldest daughter (14 at the time) how I had ruined her life by moving her away from her friends and family. It was also spent sneaking a kitten in and out of motels as well as meals on the road. The trip took three days and was filled with anxiety, fear, and mixed emotions. After ninteen years in full time ministry, fifteen of those years pastoring the same church, my foolish choices, pride, and actions had brought to this place of uncertainty.

We rolled into Titusville, Florida with no promise of employment or job prospects. There was a house …a foreclosed house that we were told could be taken out from under us at any moment… there was some limited savings, borrowed money, and a small severance package. That was it.

The house had weeds up to the roof line. It looked like we were moving into a jungle hut. THAT got my daughter’s attention. 

For weeks we worked to chop down our yard. At our lowest point with no money, an acre of rainforest property, and no employment … my wife and I litterally cried out to the Lord. As we were praying … stuff started hitting out windows. We looked out to see a lawn service (my son’s asst. football coach) turning our field back into a yard. My wife and I both cried tears of joy.

From that point it was a slow but steady climb up. She took a position as an RN while I did odd jobs until returning to full time ministry as a director of crisis pregnancy ministry. Steadily God increased my ministry to include teaching BIble at a Christian school, coaching, and then leading an adult class at our church.

Now, a year later, our family is looking to buy or lease a house, our kids love their school and friends, I have a radio ministry, preaching, and serving as an administrator. My wife and I celebrated 16 years of marriage by renewing our vows.

God has been so good. It is amazing how He can turn our mistakes into His trophies of Grace.

What a difference…

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