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No More Clip On’s

When your child or children attend a Christian school, one of the differences (aside from philosophy) is the dress code. Garnments can’t be tight but not too baggy either. Skirts need to be long but boy’s hair needs to be short. “Wear this uniform” while understanding you are a unique individual created by God with a purpose only you can fulfill.

The paradox we as Pastors and Christian educators can create.

My children have only known Christian education. They have been in two different Christian schools. My oldest son is now officially, today, a Freshman in high school. My younger son is now officially a Junior High student. Both of these men have taken another right of passage.

How have they chosen to demonstrate their new found “get’n closer to adulthood?” NO More Clip On’s. Huh? Yup. My Freshman informed me while out school shopping he will not wear clip on ties any longer. He will only wear “real” ties for Sunday morning church and school chapel.

He spent the summer growing his hair out and long, wearing American Eagle tees, and Under Armor sliders. Now that he is back into a conformity atmosphere …. no clip on’s! No way!

Even within the constraints and restraints of our faith and practice, God allows us the freedom and opportunity to express the individuality He so expertly designed into each one of us. We are His workmanship. Each one is different, fearfully and wonderfully made. God made you an original. Don’t die a copy.

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