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Witchcraft In The Church

When you mention the subject witches you automatically conjure up a mental image of old ugly women with long noses, warts, and black pointed hats standing around a boiling cauldron. Or we think of a Wiccan group of pagans who infilitrate a church in protest.

If it were that simple to spot witchcraft at work it wouldn’t survive. Or would it?

Rebellion is the sin of witchcraft. That means rebellious acts within a church is witchcraft in operation. So why do we call rebels in church stubborn and not witches?

Witchcraft is about control. Demons gain control of individuals through “places” we allow in our lives to go unchecked: offenses, unforgiveness, hurt feelings, injustices, bitterness… (Ephesians 4:27). Then those individuals use Intimidation and Manipulation for the Purpose of Domination.

These are they within churches who are fine as long as everyone does what they want. Cross them and watch them change and even rage.

We need to remember that people who churches hostage from growth or development or progress are not the real enemy. Our enemy is satan. We need to pray for their deliverance. That does not mean we allow them to lead or have influence. It simply means we need to keep personalities out of it and deal with the behavior and understand what is actually driving it.

I. Know the Foe  Eph 6:12Satan is the enemy

II. Control Is the Goal  Matt 16:23Even Christians can be used by satan

III. Deny Access  Eph 4:27Let go of feelings that harbor resentment

IV. Get Your Authority On  Luke 9:1We have authority to stop the devil

Pray in Authority as a Child of God

Stand On the Authority of the Word of God

Act in the Authority of the Power of God

Do not pass off church members throwing fits and having tantrums as simply being upset. It’s witchcraft. It’s about control. IT NEEDS TO BE IDENTIFIED AND STOPPED!

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