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Misery Loves More Misery

One of our responsibilities as Christians is to minister to those who are hurting … to bind up the broken hearted … to help shoulder the load and carry the burden.

I would never make light of someone -anyone- who is suffering or enduring a time of testing and trial.

With that said… what about those who seem to enjoy misery? Is it the attention … the drama … the emotional response of others … what drives some people to love being in a perpetual state of misery and making others miserable as a result?


Pride? Yes, Pride!

Self pity … “oh, whoa as me” and etc is NOTHING MORE than a perverted form of Pride because it is still about one thing: LOOK AT ME!

There are several forms of Perpetual Misery People:

1. ETERNAL SUFFERERS… these are they who seem to always enjoy the worst of health and every hang nail is a near death experience. They are one cold away from life support.

2. ETERNAL VICTIMS… these are they that everything bad in their life is someone else’s fault. Even when evidence to the contrary is presented … others seem to rally to hold their hand.

3. ETERNAL INFLICTORS… these are they which seem to derive enjoyment from inflicting pain and misery others. Sadly, the guise their operations as “concern” and hide their Pharisee behavior. They spread rumors, have truths, lies, and misinformation with ruthless delight.

4. ETERNAL SUFFERING VICTIM INFLICTORS… they are combinations of all three. They claim victim hood while inflicting venom on those they claim they are the victims of. The only thing that muffles their vengeful screetchings are the screams of their never ending sufferings.

What should one do when faced with these types of people?

Next installment… 😉

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