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What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Okay, you prayed … sought advice … asked questions … read some scripture … and even watched Dr Phil & tried to call Dr Laura BUT you still don’t what to do. Sound familiar?

Joshua and the Children of Israel have entered the Promised Land. I am sure initially they assumed because God said they could have it … it was just going to be handed to them. Once they got there they discovered work was involved. In other words, they had to do their natural before God added His super. Now they are encamped on the banks of the Jordan. They can’t get across to take possession of what they have been promised.

Many times you know (yout think) what you want or what want to do but an obstacle stands in your way. What do you do? Something … Nothing … WHAT?

Joshua 3

1. SEE GOD AT WORK vs. 3A “When ye see the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord your God…” You know, can sense, when things are changing in your life that you have no control over. You know that God is at work but are not sure what He is doing.  At that point … rest in the fact you can SEE God working even if you aren’t sure of the outcome.

2. SURRENDER TO GOD’S LEAD vs. 3B “then shall ye remove from your place…” Once you settle that you see God working … resolve to do whatever he directs you to do.

3. SEEK GOD’S FACE  vs. 3C “and go after it” The Ark of the Covenant represents two things: The Promise of God (Contract) and the Mercy Seat (the place where the blood was applied in the Holy of Holies for the remission of sin). It represents the nature of God: He is holy and demands we be holy. He made a covenant (contract) with us and fulfills it Himself {Exodus 15} and offers His mercy in place of His righteous judgment. Thus, following the ark for them was like following God (in a symbolic sense).

Many times we seek God’s had for provision. God wants us to seek Him … His face. It’s personal and intimate. It’s a picture of our willingness to come to Him for what He wants rather than seeking His hand for what we want.

4. STAND BACK BEFORE YOU STEP IN  vs 4 “…for ye have not passed this way heretofore.” Step and look. Make sure it’s God and NOT you.

5. SANCTIFY YOURSELF vs. 5 “And Joshua said to the people, Sanctify yourselves..” Self inspection, repentance (if necessary), and immersing yourself in prayer and the Word.

6. STEADFAST TESTIMONY  vs. 7 “…as I was with Moses, so will I be with thee.” God will CONFIRM His Word in you and AFFIRM His work in you before others. When you are in situations where you do not know what to do … OTHERS are watching. You are their testimonial of God at work.

7. STAND STILL  vs. 8 “ye shall stand still in the Jordan” Moses extended his rod and the waters parted. Here God isntructs the priests to get into the water BEFORE it is parted. When you stand firm on His Word, despite the circumstances, you cannot go wrong and He will not fail.

8. STEP IN  vs. 12-17 “…and all the Israelites passed over on dry ground…” Once you know it’s God … and NOW is the time … MOVE!

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