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When You Is What You Aint

Ever feel that way? Do you ever feel like you are what others say you are even when you know it’s not true?

Some people thrive on piecing together this and that about another person, especially one they have never met, and then seemingly being an expert on not only what that person did or is doing BUT ALSO on why they act that way and who they are.

I have found myself reaping so many of the judgments I have passed on others through the years. The grievous thing for me is not only facing the reality of “hey I was a condemnatory, hypocritical jerk” but now those who pass those sentiments onto me are one day going to face their own words.  I feel bad for them. Truly. I know where the sins of my heart took me when they turned into actions.

So as those who experts who don’t really know you continue to heap on the judgment and begin to press you … walk away (another test I have failed more than once). There was a time when I was a heaper and a piler. People tried to warn me to stop. I didn’t. And then when I did fall … Man O Man. I reaped what I had sown.

The hundred fold return works positive and negative.

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