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The Dog Ate My….

homework? How about a wallet?

My kids wore down my defenses at a month ago, so we got a dog. A 7 month old black lab mix named Sammy. He’s fairly good natured and the kids loves love him to pieces. We have settled into our routines of walking, feeding, and playing.

The other night (correction… predawn morning) I heard him whimpering was simply too tired and unmotivated to arise and let go outside. When I did get about an hour later he had left liquid and solid DNA all over the kitchen floor. I didn’t get upset. Really. It was my fault. He let me know he needed to go out, and I ignored his plea.

Later that evening we were all home (some of us watching TV while others where Face Booking) when my son Andrew announced that Sammy had done it again. Yup. This time I did scold him because we were all awake and someone would have taken him out, but he never went to the door nor made any indication he needed to go out.

On the next predawn morning I got up to take him out. I staggered into the moonlit hallway. I noticed a pile of something on the floor. I thought, “oh, no not again.” That’s when I noticed it wasn’t waste matter from his body. IT WAS THE REMAINS OF MY WALLET!

Apparently this was Sam’s way of letting me know what he thought of his crrection the night before.

Later that day I picked out a new wallet … a brown Italian leather tri-fold. I spent about an hour arranging the teeth marked cards, photos, and driver’s license in their new home. Next predawn morning my wife awakens me with a frightening question, “where did you leave your new wallet last night?”

I bolted up –WIDE AWAKE– and said “He Didn’t!” He did. Again.

I wondered how my children would react emotionally when they discovered their beloved dog had “died” during the night (just kidding).

Then I thought about the times the Lord has chastened and corrected me. There have been times when I received it. There have been times when I demonstrated my displeasure with the action.

Correction is something we all need but most don’t enjoy.

What are some things we are to glean from correction?

We Can Know God Loves Us

Hebrews 12:6 “For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth…”

The Lord would not waste correction on those He does not intend to make further investment in and use for His glory.

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