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Been There, Done That!

In December we loaded up the Braemer Gang and headed up 95 to New York for Christmas. In Virginia I realized we were leaking oil. Every 200 miles I needed to add a quart of oil. Once we got back to our hometown area I took our van to a garage t0 get the problem fixed.

Long story short… after three-peat visits it got fixed.

Last week my wife’s sister and nephew came to spend a few days with us. It was a beautiful Saturday when we decided to head to New Smyrna beach for the day. I stopped to get gas and check the oil. Bone dry. That is NOT a good sign on a dip stick. Sooo I purchased 4 quarts of oil and we headed to the beach. As we were driving I noticed drivers behind us were distancing themselves from the water off the road we were spraying up on them. Then it dawned on me … the road was dry!

In less than 25 miles I went through 4 quarts of oil that was spraying out behind us as we drove.

On Tuesday we got the problem fixed AGAIN!

Did you ever have one of those been there, done that experiences? It can be frustrating. I have had four hard drives crash on me. Each time I insist I will do a better job backing up files and etc. Yeaaaaaaah….

BUT each time my knowledge of computers increases as does my ability to learn new software applications to make my jobs easier.

Most of us settle into a comfort zone and once we’re there we don’t want to move. Sometimes in order for us to learn something new, discover a better way of doing something, or get onto a better job and destiny God has planned for us … HE has to make our current situation uncomfortable.

Sometimes HE has tried to get us to change in an area and we don’t. Soooo he gives us a retake, make up trial or testing. Why? So that we comform to the image HE desires us to be so we can get on with the future and destiny HE has for us.

It’s not always easy. Rarely is it pleasant or fun. BUT it can be life saving and life changing if we don’t fight it and just submit to it.

When my van was leaking oil I could have gotten mad, spouted off for days on how unfair it was, and basically lashed out at everyone and anyone (who had nothing to do with it) over a mechanical failure, OR I could simply reslove myself to the fact it needed to get fixed so do it and get on with it.

Same with the computer crashes and failures.

Been there, done that is frustrating time BUT it also a growing time if we allow it to be. The choice of attitude we have then determines the result and outcome.

Change your mind … Change your world!

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