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Sweetest Song

We have all endured songs sung people who had no business singing. Off key, forgotten lyrics, and horrible presentation.

We have all been blessed by people who not only can sing a song but know how to minister it as well. Your heart is touched, you may shed a tear, or be filled with praise. Either way … that person is anointed to communicate the song to your heart and to your spirit.

The worst is when you sit through a song sung by someone who knows the words but the melody. The timing is off, the tone is wrong, the presentation is stiff, and the meaning of the song itself is lost.

This is what happens when someone has the words of a verse memorized, interprets it from their stanrdard denominational perspective, but misses the true meaning of the passage. When our approach to the Word of God is one of “I have an agenda and will find a verse that supports it” rather than simply allowing the Bible to set the agenda, we’re in trouble.

For example… some approach the Bible with a mindset that only the selected, pre-elected can receive Christ as their Savior. In other words, God chose some for heaven and the rest for hell. They will take words like “elect” in scripture in an effort to teach this horrid error … completely ignoring  the fact that it is a WHOSOEVER MAY COME Gospel message.

Romans 8 is very clear that election is based on God’s foreknowledge of knowing who will and who won’t receive His Son. They contend that if we choose then it is a “works” salvation and based on us not Him. ASININE contention. They contend that an unregenerate man does not even know he supposed to be seeking God so how can he choose salvation.

This why it is important to know the WHOLE COUNSEL of God’s Word so that it is not only rightly divided but also totally assembled.

God has given every man (saved and lost) a measure of faith. Rom 12:3      God has given enough light to everyone to choose Christ. Titus 2:11         God’s will is for everyone to come to Christ in salvation. II Peter 3:9

Now, if God gave everyone enough light and faith to choose Christ AND it is His will that they do so … why doesn’t everyone do it? The Calvinist says because they are not elect. The Biblicist says because they chose to reject it.

The Calvinist will change what words mean. For example… John 3:16 says whosoever shall believe shall be saved. NOPE because the Calvinist says whosoever of the ELECT may be saved. I know you’re scratching your head because that isn’t what the verses says but that makes little difference to someone with a PREDISPOSED view of scripture. The Word doesn’t set the agenda … THEY do. It’s sad. It’s not Biblical.

That’s one example of those who know the words but not the meaning. They hurt the melody of the Word of God.

It carries over to other passages. Suddenly verses on women become a legalist bent to keep them under subjection. Yet, scripture teaches that Christ elevated women. Women served in prominent roles in the Bible … even teaching the apostles doctrine. Yet men will say a woman is to keep silent in church and can’t teach and is not to usurp authority (I Corinthians 14). Another place of knowing words but not meaning.

A woman was not to interupt the service by yelling out to her husband, “what did he mean?” She was told by Paul to wait until after …like at home to ask what he meant. Don’t interupt the service. Paul’s teaching was never meant to be interpreted that a woman could not teach or speak in church. It was a teaching on protocol that an actual service not be interupted.

Yes, women are allowed to teach and hold positions within the church.

Again, it’s another scenario that sadly plays out everyday within the household of faith … novices and/or legalists mishandling the Bible.

I have already exhausted the subject of Pastoral qualifications and the meanings of words like blameless. See blog entries here entitled: Final Thought or Three, Blameless, Restoring the Fallen

The sweetest song is by one who knows the words, knows the melody, knows the meaning, and is anointed to sing it so that is ministers. May those who present and apply the Word of God be capable of the same!

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