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Except the Lord Build the House

Well, my wife and I and another couple went house hunting last night. We walked through five homes, all of which were located in a very nice subdivision. None of the houses were older than 7 or 8 years old. The first home we went into had that moldy, musty smell. There was water damage near the front door and visible mold on the door between the garage and utility area.

Something had been dripped all over the beige carpet both upstairs and down. Some fixtures were broken. It was apparent that the previous owners had not taken care of the house.

The realtor indicated the house had been a Fanny Mae foreclosure.

When people are involved in something they cannot afford and are not prepared to care for … it falls apart. The flesh may have good intentions but without the proper resources and character it will end in failure.

On the spiritual side… unless the Lord builds our home it is destined to fail. Unless we make His Word our foundation … Him our focus … we will not make it.

Just a few musings on a Wednesday afternoon…

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