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Home Improvements or Home Replacement

Haggai 2:9 “The glory of this latter home shall be greater than of the former, saith the Lord of hosts; and in this place will I give you peace saith the Lord of hosts.”

Remember when we were kids and a game got messed up we just did a RE-DO? Adult life can be a little more complicated than a child’s game. We can’t always hit a RE-DO button. But sometimes we all need a fresh start.

I know people who buy a home and then spend hundreds of man hours, countless thousands of dollars, and can take years to get that home exactly the way they want it. You may scratch your head and wonder, “why don’t they just buy a house that has the features they want so they can enjoy it?” Maybe it’s a matter of finances. Maybe they enjoy the challenge of creating their own space. Maybe they like the feeling of accomplishment of taking something that was broken and turning it into something that is beautiful.

At what point do you say, “this can’t be fixed” and you start considering replacing rather than improving?

There have been times when I thought a situation, a relationship, a project was beyond fixing and needing replacing. In some of those instances I was right. Other times GOD stepped in and didn’t allow me to replace but forced me to fix it. Why?

Because sometimes the thing that needs fixing is the face in the mirror.

In other words, you … me … need the improving.  Our frustration that leads to our giving up on a situation, a relationship, a project is many times our lack of understanding that the improvement needed is us. There have been times when I was ready throw away a situation, a relationship, a project BUT GOD said, “No, son, YOU need the fixing.”

On the flip side… there have been times when I doggedly clung to a situation, a relationship, a project that was clearly broken beyond repair …not healthy… not right…never going to be right..BUT MARTY was going to fix it.

What’s the line between determination and delusion? Pride

What’s the line between moving on or throwing in the towel? Flesh

There are times our pride will not accept the fact we are the problem. There are times our pride will not let us recognize we are forcing something not meant to be.

There are times our flesh grows weary, tired, and discouraged so we just throw in the towel. There are times our flesh won’t let us move on.

What’s the answer?

When do we roll up our sleeves and fix it? When do we accept it’s time to move on?

Short answer… get the focus off you (Pride – Flesh) and put the focus on HIM! Don’t ask, “what should I do?” Ask, “GOD, what do YOU want to do?”

I have always been a self confident individual. I am a man of action. Three years ago I ignored the Lord’s prompting resign my ministry and move on without an assured place to go. That disobedience triggered a chain of events.

As my wife and I just recently celebrated 17 years of marriag,e and we are approaching our 1 year of living in Florida … something significant has happened in my life. I am learning to let GOD do the directing and me do the following. It’s not easy.

I am involved in things in my personal life and family life that revolve around fixing me. I am involved in projects within the ministry revolve around improving and fixing some things that are broken. Some of those things cannot be fixed and need replacing.

When we moved here in August of 2009 we rented a home. It’s located on a road whose name means oil used for refinishing and restoring. That was exactly what we needed the oil of the Holy Spirit to do in our lives at that time. The house number meant perfect vision. GOD put us in a place to restore us and give us our vision back.

Now we are preparing to move again. Not exactly sure what the LORD has in store. The current house needs lots of work, but we don’t own it.

In either case of whether it be improving a situation, a relationship,  a project … OR replacing a situation, a relationship, a project … we have learned to understand that if GOD is directing it than the LATTER will always be better than the FORMER!

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