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Happy Father’s Day

As a kid growing up I remember that my dad was a cross between Archie Bunker and Pa Ingolls from Little House on the Prairie. Most of the time I was convinced that the writers from All in the Family came to our house, listened to my dad, and then wrote the lines for Caroll O’Connor to speak. But then there were those times when my dad could be as understanding as Michael Landon or one of those TV dads that never seemed to get rattled by the actions of their off spring.

My dad loved to create debates. Many times he would play devil’s advocate to get us to argue with him. Why? He never wanted us to simply to take things at face value. He wanted us to challenge and question and seek the truth. In fact, he never minded us raising our voices during one of these heated discussions as long as we were also reinforcing our argument.

I love my father and wish him the Happiest of Father’s Days.

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