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What MEN Need

Okay, ladies here it is. You’ve written and theorized about it in your magazines, you’ve cried about it on Oprah, and you have fictionalized it on soap operas and in romance novels. What do men want? What do men need?

STOP asking your female friends … especially the divorced ones.

Men are actually pretty simple: Feed us, Love us, Respect us. That about covers it. Now, let me explain…

FEED Us… means exactly as the title point indicates. Men like to be fed, have our laundry done, and have the basic domestic care taken care of. Just as a woman needs to feel safe and secure, a man wants to be taken care of without being mothered. A man that wants to be mothered has never grown up and requires counseling or his dad or another man to help jack him into maturity.

LOVE Us… yes, men want to and need to be loved. Some men are not good at public display of affection. But men do like their ego stroked in public. We like to have our accomplishments acknowledged and fussed over (even if it’s just mowing the lawn and getting the yard looking good). You will never see a man on Oprah’s couch lamenting over the lack of romance in his life (unless it’s Tom Cruise). Men don’t need romance, but we do need to be loved.

RESPECT Us… men have a need to be respected by other men. Arguments between men usually erupt when differing opinions turn into comments of disrespect. Men need to be respected by their wives. Now, a real man does not need an Edith Bunker ding bat afraid to give an opinion. Men who like that are not men of character. They are male bullies dominating women. A real man needs a woman who is not afraid to challenge him when he is wrong, can think for herself and articulate a position, and is comfortable with herself and her own abilities. That is not what threatens men. Disrespect is the problem. Male pride is a very real emotion for men.

Men need their opinions respected, their accomplishments respected, and their space respected. Every man requires a space whether it’s out in the garage tinkering or in the man cave stretched out watching a ball game.

If you will Feed us, Love us, and Respect us you can pretty much get whatever you want or need. Simple, I know. But that is the reality. Cosmo, Woman’s World, Lifetime TV, and Chick Flicks over complicate it and don’t get it.

Men require KISSKeep It Simple Stupid

We don’t understand your emotions nor hints. So when communicating with us keep it plain and direct. Say exactly what you mean and not what you “hope” we will read between the lines. I will save you the aggravation … we won’t and don’t read between the lines.

No, we don’t remember why the third money of August is important … sorry we forgot that was the first time we celebrated our “one month” anniversary fifteen years ago.

Most men want to make women happy. Just tell us. If you make us guess you are going to be on Oprah’s couch crying.

Scriptural submission between the husband and wife is one of mutual submission. Each one esteeming the other over themselves. Men, we are to submit to her needs. Ladies, you are to submit to his lead.

Men, be worth following!

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