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Erosion of the American Male

Sylvester Stallone gave an interview just after his latest installment of the Rambo series was released. He said, “where are the men?” Sly was lamenting over the fact that in Hollywood there was/is a dearth of males with manhood. The Rocky-Rambo action film icon stated that today’s action hero doesn’t get his hands dirty anymore because he’s too busy getting a manicure.

The Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana (one of America’s largest mega churches), Dr. Jack Schaap, once said that too many young men look like they spend more time in their mother’s jewelry boxes rather than in their father’s tool boxes.

Our schools have become indoctrination centers. Kids sit in sensitivity training classes to learn how “not” to bully. Name calling is treated like a felony while sexual immorality is considered a right of passage to be rewarded with free condoms and trips to Planned Parenthood without parental notification. Girls play on the Varsity football teams and young boys discovering their own identity are encouraged to dress like girls, wear makeup if they choose, and be afforded special treatment, accommodations,  and rights.

Boys who act like boys are given Ritalin or labeled as redneck throw backs to a bigoted America that “experts” hope is one generation away from being extinct.

Boys who play with toy guns or express an interest in hunting are sent to see the school psychologist. Aggressive behavior in young men is seen as a disorder that must be treated rather than a natural attribute that needs training and discipline.

A rural school district in New York state suspended an elementary age boy for pushing another boy in a school lunch line. No weapon, no threats, no real physical harm … a push. No common sense on the part of the over reactive Superintendent either.

In T-Ball no score is kept and no one is ever out. Everyone wins and no one gets their feelings hurt. The problem: THAT’S NOT HOW LIFE WORKS!

We have elevated mediocrity and lowered achievement. Kids who can run and develop physical skill and coordination are held back so that others who have not developed as quickly do not feel bad. It’s called: FAIR. The liberals don’t get it. Once you mandate fairness for one group you automatically make it unfair for another group. It’s not fair that those who can are not allowed.

This why we have a generation of males who refuse to take responsibility. They wait for things to be handed to them because someone has always leveled the field … achievement was not the basis for reward … fairness was.

Parents and educators do not want children to taste failure or feel bad when they don’t succeed. These well meaning but blindly ignorant feel gooders are not helping young people … they are impairing them. Maturity has been stunted and the development of character forfeited.

Failure becomes a great teacher. Losing becomes a great motivator. Don’t remove painful experiences from young men … teach them how to respond to them. Show them that men pick themselves up, dust themselves off, learn what they need to learn from the experience and then PUSH FORWARD!

Billionaires like Donald Trump have gained and lost a dozen fortunes but have learned to get up when they don’t land on their feet.

Thomas Edison tried over 1,600 experiments that DID NOT become the light bulb. Edison was expelled from school for being a day dreamer and a tinkerer. Had he lived now he would have been on Ritalin. Babe Ruth holds the record for most hits and holds the record for most strike outs. I wonder if he got an award for “Almost Hitting the Ball” so he didn’t feel bad if he would have been motivated to keep swinging and eventually set dozens of records?

Henry Ford was not content to ride in a horse drawn carriage. He looked for a cheaper, more affordable way to make automobiles acccessible to the masses. That led to a need for roads, interstates, gas stations, service centers, places to eat, places to sleep, tourist attractions, and on and on. Today, he would be labeled as not being sensative to the needs of horses needing to feel wanted and would be anti-green for destroying the environment with pavement and buildings.

We need Christian dads to help their sons become men. Churches need to reaffirm the distinct roles of the sexes (not cavemen mentality but one that elevates women without demoralizing men).

We need a revival of the American Male.

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