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On Wednesday nights I work with children’s ministry at our church. By the time I get off the air from the Drive @ 5, do my wrap up at the studio, race home and get my own kids, and then go back to Titusville … I usually arrive just as the Kidz Zone is starting.

Last night I walk in and Mrs Beckie Porter, our Children’s ministry director, smiles and says, “all the adults are coming over tonight to observe us.” Grrrrreeeeeat I thought. She continued, “I need you to lead a song, direct the bell choir, and then do something with the kids while I get out of the puppet stage and back into our room.” We call that Off the Cuff time.

Mrs Porter is an outstanding artist and creative force. She painted our entire meeting room to look like an under the sea world complete with multi colored coral formations, whales, and a sunken ship. The puppet stage looks like a submarine and a large box of treasure in the front of the room  is filled with plastic gold coins the children can win for their own treasure chests by learning verses.

I have been in childrens’ ministries for years. One of my staples is called The Bear Hunt. Well… my off the cuff on the spot moment became the Octapuss Hunt. It was fun. The kids enjoyed it but the adults loved it.

Yes, I made the lyrics up on the spot BUT the structure was based on something I already knew. Here’s my point… many times we feel like we’re being put on the spot by people, circumstances, and even God. It’s in those times you simply do what you know. Seriously.

One of the Holy Spirit’s jobs in the life of the believer is to bring the spiritual things we have learned back to our rememberance. The Bible says I cannot but speak of things I have seen and heard.

Instead of getting upset when you feel put on the spot let God through the Holy Spirit bring to rememberance what you need for that moment. All of life’s experiences are teaching times. Use it. Draw from it. Put it into action.

You never know how God may use it … use YOU!

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