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Miracles In Progress

I was in my early twenties working at a 50,000 watt Christian radio station in Albany, New York (the studio was in Cherry Valley). The station had originally been licensed as a college sports station in the 1920’s. Pat Robertson and the Christian Broadcasting Network bought it in the late 1960’s after it went dark (off the air).

A few years later a Pentecostal holiness couple, Floyd and Nancy Dykeman, purchased the station. I joined the team in the early 1990’s. Brother Floyd and Sister Nancy, as they were known, were an unlikely pair to be associated with Christian media. They were not flashy nor flamboyant. They were frugal and fussy. Floyd insisted that all on air announcers wear a shirt and tie. Including the Midnight guy. As I said our studio was in Cherry Valley on the top of a mountain. Lovely drive in the winter …. NOT.

The location reminded me of the locale of the hotel in The Shining. None the less, the Dykeman’s were colorful people. At noon … EVERYTHING stopped and we all ate lunch together. If it was a music set we were instructed to put a long record on and let it play.

Nancy was several years younger than Brother Floyd. She managed the books, paid the bills, and was the friendly face of the station. Brother Floyd was old school. Really … old school. We heated the studio with a wood stove. When the power went out we fired up at 1939 tractor motor generator. Floyd could bless you out for an infraction in one breadth and then minutes later cry with you over a burden and pray the sweetest prayer on your behalf.

Each afternoon at 3:05PM and each evening at 8:00PM they hosted a live call in program called Share Time. Listeners could call in with prayer requests, testimonies, and praise reports. It was an institution. Some days there were an abundance of calls and others it was sparse. Now there were regulars … Share Timer daily callers. In Floyd and Nancy’s absences I would guest host. We prayed for everything from miracles in serious illnesses to pet cats with fur balls and everything and anything in between.

I learned some things in those years. First of all, the Dykeman’s reminded me of my grandmother. They prayed about EVERYTHING. Nothing was too little or insignificant to God. This young Baptist know everything learned something… EVERYTHING is important to God!

I also learned that miracles can come in stages. We would pray for people who update us over weeks and months. Floyd had a saying that shaped my own later pastoral ministry … “No such thing as unanswered prayer … just miracles still in progress.”

In their memory I have resurrected Share Time one afternoon a week as part of the Drive @ 5 format. I use the same theme: Maranatha Singers “In His Time.” Floyd went home to be with the Lord a couple of years ago. When that theme starts … I am single, 24 years old, and back in Cherry Valley.

The most recent Share Time featured a call in testimony from a woman named Jeannette. Her twenty year old daughter, Kate, recently battled a form of cancer that baffled the doctors. Her daughter went through the kemo and treatments with tremendous success. Mom bragged it was God. Her daughter has been able to witness to others during this process. Like Jeannette said… nothing prepares you for your daughter having cancer … nothing prepares a twenty year old to sit in a waiting room filled with other cancer patients.

Kate is making great progress. Kate is a MIRACLE IN PROGRESS!

Whatever it is you are waiting on the Lord for …remember… YOU are miracle in progress. God will finish what He started … in His time!

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