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After two weeks without my computer and bumming computer time and space when and where I could get it … mine is fixed and back on line!

It’s astounding how much we have come to rely on home computers. We cannot seem to function right without them. Now comes the daunting task of reformatting and rebuilding my files. Grrrrr

My websites will need to be rebuilt, I lost one third of my music library, and I lost all of my stored print materials I have designed and filed over several years. Yet … God is good.

I have learned how to replace most of my lost music library without having to spend more money on music, I still have all the graphics I need to rebuild the websites, and the print materials needed revising anyway.

Trials and testings can be trophies if we allow God to show us what we need to glean from the experience. In the coming days I will get back on track updating my blog … until then … see you on the DRIVE @ 5 89.3FM WPIO

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