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2020 Vision

The Word of God is very clear that our footsteps … our path … is directed by the Lord. Even when we have sinned God still directs us to the place where we can choose to repent or walk away.

In July of 2009 I saw my pastorate of 15+ years come to an end. For over 14 years I was the pastor that I was supposed to be. We had our testings and our challenges BUT GOD’S hand of direction and blessing was evident. There were tremendous successes. The church went from 19 to several hundred. A school was started and many other ministries were developed and a new auditorium was constructed as well as other buildings added during those years.

There came a point when I knew it was time to leave. I wasn’t being asked to leave. In fact, there was no reason to leave EXCEPT the gnawing and the stirring inside. But because I didn’t have a clear place to go I stayed. I failed the test. I was being asked to step out by faith but there was no security in that. Call it emotional sentiment because that was the only home my children knew … call it fear … call it common sense (whoever heard of giving up a “job” without another one lined up) … I call it what it was:  a lack of obedience … a sin. That opened the door over the next year for other things to happen and more sinful failure.

In August we said goodbye to friends, family members, and loved ones and moved 1,600 miles to Florida. My wife and I had no employment. No income. We had no choice now but to do what God been leading me to do over a year before that. We had a church to attend and a house to live in.

Over several weeks of no income, with the exception of a small severance pay I was receiving, we watched God provide for us in supernatural ways.

Slowly we began to get on our feet. My wife took a job as an RN in a rehab center. I worked some odd jobs and even tried my hand at interior decorating. No cute comments….

The Lord allowed me to perform various duties at my church. This allowed my children the opportunity to attend Christian school.

Steadily God was doing a work in my life, in my wife, and in our children. One Sunday afternoon I felt that restlessness I had not felt in years. That’s usually when God wants to tell me something. I paced. I prayed. I drove. I ended up (literally) at WPIO in Titusville. The owner happened to be in on a Sunday afternoon. I shared my restless burden with him that I wanted to do something but wasn’t sure what to do. He said, “I’ve got an open hour or two in the afternoon. You want it?” IMMEDIATELY God spoke to me and said, “The Drive @ 5” as a mid-lifer radio format for people on their way home from work. God also gave me a clear vision for Sunday Nite Live @ 5 as an actual live Sunday night service and broadcast as well.

My desire since coming to Florida was three-fold:

I. Get my life, my marriage, and my family in complete line with the Will of God.

II. Assist my pastor in anyway that I could to be a help and asset to him.

III. Be used by God and the place God wants me to be.

It has taken time. It is a process BUT GOD has been so faithful … so patient … so loving.

Back in October of 2009 God showed my wife and I very clearly He was up to something that was evidenced by the house we were living in. My wife and I believe very strongly that names mean things and nothing happens by accident. The place where were before had a name that meant “wild, unsettled area meant for crossing back and forth.” Through the years we watch people come and go and comeback and leave again. Many never seemed to settle. Thus, the name of our hamlet was proven correct.

One night in October after moving here my wife asked me, “ever notice the road names to here?” To get to our home the first road you turn on was the SAME name as the hamlet we left in New York. Hmmmm That road turned into a road name meaning guile or bitter. Then it tees onto the road we live on. Do you know what that name means? “an oil meant for refinishing and restoring.” The Bible likens the Holy Spirit to ….. OIL. What is His job? Refinish and Restore us!!!!

We cried. We shouted. That night as I was back out of the driveway I noticed the numbers on the house 2020. IT HIT ME … Perfect Vision! The place where God brought us means HE PLACED US HERE TO BE REFINISHED AND RESTORED AND GIVEN PERFECT VISION!!!!

Each day the vision is getting clearer and clearer. WHAT A GOD!

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