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Sweet Tea … No Sugar Added

Being from New York the southern obsession with sweet tea as the beverage of choice was a mystery to me. I had had sweet tea, so I thought, and never really liked it.

When I was in college my southern roommates would talk about sweet tea. My former associate in New York who was from the south would talk about sweet tea. Guest speakers to my church from the south would request sweet tea when we would go to eat. They would frown in disbelief at the first sip and ask, “this is what you call sweet tea?”

Once I got to Florida I understood the difference between northern sweet tea and southern sweet tea. It’s in the preparation.

Northern sweet tea is nothing more than regular ice tea with sugar added after it is brewed to individual taste. Southern sweet tea is brewed tea WITH the sugar. Southern sweet tea is sweet. Northern sweet tea is just regular tea with a tea spoon or two of sugar added later. BIG difference.

Southern sweet tea does not require one to add sugar after it is brewed to their glass.

It’s alot like the difference in churches where the Holy Spirit is allowed to operate (Sweet Tea) or where He is only given lip service and given a mention as being a part of the trinity in the statement of faith.

One is sweet. The service flows, the music touches the heart and ushers you into the presence of the Lord, the message is personal and draws you, and the overall experience is one that is fulfilling and creates an appetite for more. You want to go back. You look forward to being there.

The other is bland and at times bitter. Nothing flows and everything is forced, fake, and phoney. No matter how much sugar (programs-projects-personalities) you add … the brew is already done. You may mask the flavor a bit but in the end the after taste will still be bland and bitter.

Some people like regular or unsweetened tea. Some churches like it bland, safe, and predictable.

Sweet tea took me a little while to get used to but once it happen …Mmm MMM. Once you have some … there’s no going back!

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