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Been Here … Done That!

It has been said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. What about the history of one’s own life? Hmmmmm

I started out in full time ministry twenty years ago this month. I left Bible college in Indiana after four years and returned to my home church in New York  to serve as a camp director for our church owned summer camp program. We had a 60 acre camp complete with cabins, motel unit, a house, and large dinning hall facility.  When the summer ended I worked for several months as a car salesman at two different dealerships. In the late Spring of 1991 I accepted a position as an assistant pastor and Christian school principal. While there I also took a job in Christian radio. First, as a weekend announcer and host of a  three hour childrens’ format. Then I became the music and program director working a full time shift Monday-Friday 12PM-6PM and Saturday’s 6AM-12Noon.

While all that was going on I met my wife, we got married, and after a year of marriage I had accepted a full time pastorate of a small country church. I gave up full time radio but kept the Saturday shift. The kids’ format was a fun, creative outlet for me. Eventually the church grew and my responsibilities demanded more attention there so shortly after our first child was born I gave up radio. At that point I brought on my brother to serve as the associate and music pastor. The church was growing, we were building a new auditorium, hired a youth pastor, and founded a Christian day school of which I was Principal. In between I produced a weekly thirty minute radio program featuring my messages. Life was busy. Life was full. Life was good.

Three more babies joined my daughter in the Braemer crew. I had written one book, was speaking out at other places, and pushed forward with additional buildings and numerical growth.

Eventually, like everywhere, there were problems. People would come and go. After sixteen years and many testings, trials, victories, and failures … one of two things happens: 1) You Accept What Is and count yourself blessed to be in His service or 2) You Frustrate Over What Is Not and scheme to make it happen. That’s flesh. That leads to trouble.

I am no longer in New York. I am serving in a local church in Florida and back on the radio. Something seems familiar  like  I have been here before. When the children of Israel rejected the testimony of Joshua and Caleb because they took a vote … they were destined to pass that way … again and again and again.

Sometimes GOD has to bring us full circle because we leave HIM no other option. That’s not for HIS benefit. It’s for ours! Sometimes the only way we really learn to trust HIM and appreciate what we have is for GOD to take us through the wilderness, passing the same scenery again in the hopes we finally get it. I got. Been Here … Done This … moving forward.

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