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Firewall Breakdown

Several years ago I had my first computer melt down. I turned it on one day and nothing. A computer tech said it was loaded with viruses. Data was transfered to a new a computer along with an anti-viral software package. Everything was fine for about two years and then lighning struck … literally. Our church building in New York was struck by lightning and a surge zapped my computer. Soooo, everything was transfered to yet another new computer.

Now I had anti-viral software AND surge protection. Safe. Right? Not really. I discovered from an IT guy in Florida I needed mal-ware protection. N’kay… now I was protected. Right? Apparently not.

Saturday night my daughter and one of her friends were using my computer for Facebook and picture editing when they clicked on a pop up and WHAM … Malware attack! This hit turned off the firewall AND erased the anti-malware software from the computer and would let me download back onto the computer. My computer is in the hands of an IT guy. I am praying … that computer updates websites, audio production for the Drive @ 5, and a host of other things. I am using a friend’s computer to update my blog.

What is frustrating and fascinating at the same time is the fact I have been down this road before. Not only with computer crashes and having to rebuild files and date over again but also in my own life. I am doing things now that I did nearly twenty years ago like daily radio. As my wife and I were talking last night … so much in our lives is on reset. Some things happen over which we have no control. Other things happen because our firewall was down … that hedge of protection with a hole in it. By our choices, our sins, our selfish wants we create the footholds and holes that Satan gets through.

I had good protection for my computer but wasn’t monitoring it like I should. I assumed the computer did that. Foolishly I never really explained to my daughter about ignoring random pop ups despite my pop up settings. God has given us the firewall we need in Him and through His Word. But we can just assume it works without our doing our part… daily inspection of our lives, confession, heeding warning signs, and etc.

We all need to safeguard our lives by not giving place to the devil through entertaining temptations, flirting with the flesh, and simply assuming everything is okay because “hey I am a Christian.” Be sober and vigilant for our adversary is taking this spiritual warfare much more seriously than we are. My pride, my ego, my “I am an exception to the rule” mentality has opened the door to my own sinful fallings and failures.

I must die to self daily. I must yield my will to His. I must purge the flesh. I must walk with Him. If not … my operational system (heart-conscience-attitude-spirit) will shut down (become cold-indifferent-reprobate) or that is the end.

I am resurrected with Christ to have new life … abundant life. That’s the life I seek, That’s the life I choose, That’s the life I desire. I work to do…

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