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He’s a good GOD!

In August 2009 my family and I rolled into Mims, Florida with a mini van and a  Penske truck filled  with all of our belongings towing a car.

My oldest daughter felt her life was over. The only friends, family, and home she had ever known were now 1,500 miles away. This place was different. The culture was foreign. My oldest son, small for his age, went out for the school’s football team. He had never played football before. By the end of the season he scored a touch down in the home coming game. My middle son complained about not having his own identity. In New York he simply did whatever his older brother did: baseball, soccer, basketball … you name it.

Here in Florida he discovered he had some musical ability. Tonight he won second place in a state musical competition. One of his buddies is spending the night. They are camping out on the back patio. My oldest son won an award for outstanding character and athletic promise for the junior high school division tonight. My oldest daughter …the one who thought her life was over… won several awards and spent the evening with her friends.

Everything they gave up to come here … GOD has doubled. What an awesome GOD. What a great thought. Have a super weekend … come by and see us at Life Builders Fellowship @ 10AM this Sunday at Temple Baptist on US 1 in Titusville.

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