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So we got a dog…

When we made the move from New York to Florida there was some letting go of things that had to be done on our part. I gave up “my” chair. You know the kind of chair … worn, ugly, embarasses the wife BUT is oh soooo comfortable. You watched World Series baseball games from THAT chair. You held your kids on your lap in THAT chair. You sat in a coma in THAT chair on Christmas morning not believing on a day off you were actually out of bed THAT early.

THAT chair, along with my snowblower and Elmer Fudd cap with ear flaps for snowblowing, were forsaken.

The kids weeded out toys and other childhood items they either out grew or “matured” out of. They left behind family and friends of a lifetime. They left the only home they had ever known since birth. My fourteen year old told me I was, and I quote, “ruining her life.” Of all the things they were asked to give up … the younger kids had to seperate from two cats and a dog. One cat was simply too old and sick to make the journey. Another was too independent to be confined to a home in Florida. The dog … Louie … had a thick coat of fur and is terrified of thunder and lightning. So scared that he once jumped through a glass window when he was outside, trying to get back in the building when a thunderstorn rolled in.

We simply couldn’t bring him to the thunder and lightning capitol of the world.

We did manage to bring one kitten, Shadow, with us. It still amazes me how God used that kitten to bring a peace and calm to our family on some very faith testing days when we first arrived in the sunshine state.

Like any dad … I promised the kids a new dog after we got to Florida. They pestered … I dodged. Finally, after 9 months, I ran out of excuses. So off to the SPCA we went. Now, the art of the deal with the kids is crucial at this point because they were willing to promise anything to get a dog.  I knew they couldn’t fulfill all the offers on the table: clean the house for a year … never complain or ask for anything again-ever-as long as they live… I knew that BUT it was great to watch them grovel.

Finally, we settled on a seven month old black lab mix named Sammy. I have a nephew by that name and wondered how the aunt, my wife’s sister, was going to feel about that.

Sammy moved in and Shadow has not yet forgiven us. Walks, fetch, treats, and tug-o-war all with the kids has this pup thinking he is in heaven. Other than his love for my youngest daughter’s flip flops -which he has eaten threee pair now – he is a good dog. We catch ourselves calling him Louie who now lives with my in-laws. 

Side note… you should have heard my wife’s pitch to her dad to get him to take the dog. “Dad everyday when you look at him it will remind you of me and the grand kids.” Talk about pulling the heart strings…

Since our move here God has given us a new dog as a reminder He cares about even the things in our lives.  Even things like a promise made to children when they were upset and their world was being turned upside down.

Oh, and I have a new THAT chair … recliner … my first one. First time I sat in it I said, “Oh, baby where have you been all my life?” And my oldest daughter keeps in contact with all her New York friends through Facebook and texting. But she has made new friends here and the other night when I picked her up I heard no complaints about a ruined life … especially over the boys that were paying her attention while she waited for my arrival.

God is good … all the time!

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