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Off Ramp Closed

Sooooo, last night around 8:00PM I decide to go to our local STAPLES to buy some needed office supplies. I jump on I-95 and head south. As I approached the exit I noticed cones, flashing lights, heavy equipment, and a sign that read: Off Ramp Closed.

Hmmm, now what? Okay, calmy I drive by the exit that led to my destination. I drive down to the next exit approximately 4 miles away. At the base of the exit marker was a sign that read: No Re-Entry. Rrrrrrrr!

Nearly 10 miles from the immediate exit I needed was the detour exit. I jump off the interstate and then back on heading north. I arrive at STAPLES about 25 minutes before it closed. Grrrrrr!!!

Okay, Martin, what can we learn from this? It reminded me of time I came out Shea Stadium in NYC after a Mets baseball game. Not being from the city and only visiting occassionally  to go to ball games I was not intimately familiar with the city. I knew how to get in and out of where I was and that was about it. On this particular for whatever reason the NYPD had MY street blocked off and wouldn’t let me go THAT way. NOW WHAT? In New York people are not patient. Horns honking, comments flying, and panic setting in. I felt my way along side streets until FINALLY I found a way to get back on the Grand Central Parkway and onto the Tri-Burrough Bridge to cross back over into the Bronx and on my way home.

There are times in life we approach the exit we desire … the familiar way BUT God doesn’t let us go that way. He leads through a series of side streets and additional experiences to get us to the place we wanted to be sooner. Why does He do that?

He’s God!

We need to TRUST Him and OBEY anyway. That’s simple to say but hard to live.

Ask Abraham if it was easy when he was asked to leave all he knew and begin traveling without a destination given. “Just keep going when you get to where I want you to be I’ll tell you to stop.”

Ask Job how easy it was to be IN the will of God doing EXACTLY what he was supposed to be doing and then all hell breaks loose in His life.

God birthed a nation out of Abraham… Israel. God doubled everything Job lost.

No one gets a TESTIMONY without a TEST first.

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